Week 2 of the YOGAMOOC – awakening for this is tough- Journal

Week 2 of the YOGAMOOC – Journal

  • Awakening to Habits

Monday – did 40 minutes of social media really early on ( on the train), I could stop it before the hour and used 20 minutes to do my work day preparation

Tuesday – same train routine ( 40 minutes + 20 work ready) the look of the morning into my friends pages makes per example my book reading go away ( I guess the pat in the back is … I wake up so early…)

Wednesday – working from home and with a tighter day I could see the use of the smartphone reduced, I did use it for more than one hour and saw the work day preparation was narrow ( avoid the repeat), now a good thing was making the child, rag doll, downward dog and mountain pose for 5 to 10 minutes before work ( the sensation is just new)

Thursday – used the routine of the child, rag doll, downward dog and mountain pose in the morning, the general theme of the day is to avoid the use of linkedin ( did it for 1 hour). I see that the recurring pattern is what is happening out there, every hour.

Friday – Having an early start, I could break up with smartphone, and then driving, yes, that is a good way to avoid distractions and listen to a podcast ( time well used)


  • Wiring in the Pause

Pomodoro Technique – all credits from Wikipedia – technique by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s.[1]

I’ve not tried it exactly like advised by Stacey, I could do periods ( Monday, Tuesday and Friday) with 25 minutes sprints ( Pomodoro technique).What habits to hack?

1 the feeling of the tap in the back

2 the time for reading being eaten by too much stuff




Monitoring Your Goal

Here are the 2 things done to my family ( and that worked well)

1  Mindfulness session with my son ( in the car) to make him rest before soccer practice, simple to explain the air in an out the nose and the thoughts that I told him to let them come and go while the focus is on the breathing cycle

2 Yes a yoga short class, with Stacey leading and my wife to the side, all started because of her back pain. And you now what – it just worked better because I’ve had done it several times and could support with some tips ( yes the ones from the break down on the poses)

What have I done?

Every day some 5 to 10 minutes and 3 days of the mini class above.

The things that I’m enjoying are:

  1. How breath affects the movements
  2. how my back and spine work from L4 below (pain ) and how to make it pass
  3. doing these things, Meditation, Yoga poses together and not alone

Here are things that got me off guard:

  1. I had the assumption that the mat practices were the key ( so let videos and interviews that look non related behind)
  2. Used too less time for the theory – my mornings can have 20 minutes of the MOOC that is not really practice

The plan for next week is to have all the theory and videos seen until Tuesday and then focus more into more practice.

Here is a funny idea:
A meme? What is that 🙂


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